Learn about The Arc of Three Rivers

Over 60 years ago, the foundation of The Arc of The Three Rivers was created during a grassroot advocacy movement involving family and friends of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  To this date, ‘The Arc’ continues its advocacy efforts and has expanded into providing services for individuals around 30 years ago.  Our mission is to advocate and provide services to individuals with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities to achieve full inclusion into the community.

Simply put, our daily goal is to provide the support needed to allow individuals with these disabilities the opportunity to live full and productive lives, with regards to employment, inclusion, leisure activities, and purpose.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, The Arc distinguishes itself from others by being the only non-profit in our area that provides our types of services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  The Arc is a service provider for individuals in the Medicaid Title XIX I/DD Waiver program, and we currently serve around 170 individuals in Kanawha, Putnam, Boone, and Clay Counties.  These services include but are not limited to In-Home Direct Care, Community-Based Services, Supported Employment, Job Development Skills, Behavior Support, Day Program Services, Service Coordination, Transportation, and Pre-Vocational Skills.

As a non-profit with very tight and limited funding, it can be difficult to do all of the things we would like to do for these individuals.  We are constantly trying to have events, we are linking with other companies for employment and volunteer opportunities, and trying to grow our level of support to the community that is in need.  We know that a lot of businesses are always willing to lend a hand for those in need and the betterment of their community.  With your help, we believe we can better serve a population that is considered the most vulnerable.  If you are interested in joining The Arc on our journey to achieve the goal of assisting and empowering individuals with disabilities, please review the following pages for ways that you could help sponsor what we hope to be our biggest fundraising event to date..

If you have any questions about The Arc or would like to discuss our agency further, please contact me directly at mspradlin@arcthreerivers.org or at the phone number/address above.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to opportunity of working with you in the future.


Mark Spradlin

Executive Director